Note In Full

Standards, Judgement and the Samurai Way

This note relates to Joe Clarke’s article, To Hell With WCAG 2, posted on 23rd May 2006 on A List Apart.

The article highlights the problems and shortfalls of the new version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines which were released this month by W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative for public scrutiny. Whilst the Guidelines have not yet been set in stone, they are unlikely to be changed to any major extent when they are released.

My comment outlines my feelings on the situation - although restraint would be the best description for the tone of my writing.

The only major piece of good news to come from the article is the announcement is the creation of the WCAG Samurai, which aims to “publish errata for, and extensions to, existing accessibility specifications” - I will be keeping an eye on their site, hoping for a triumph of sound judgement over standards with vested interests.

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 - Accessibility, Changes, W3C, Standards.