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Intershizzle Realigned

Intershizzle has had an all over spring clean, inside and out - since introducing a blog section in my redesign for the CSS Reboot, I decided that the whole site should really be delivered via Wordpress loveliness.

Whilst Wordpress is a fantastic platform for delivering content, there were a number of things that needed to change, with both my site and the tool, before I could make the move.

Fly homepage, be free
Why have boring links to content that is hidden within your site when you can inject morsels of your site’s content into the homepage dynamically, creating a more dashboard-like effect? Wordpress makes it easy to make the homepage the hub of the site rather than a mere gateway.
Wordpress drops a few dress sizes
Whilst one of the advantages of Wordpress for the average user is it’s install ‘n’ go ease of use, it is quite chubby in the code department. Luckily the separation of the layout (as a theme) from the underlying logic makes it easy to shed those excess pounds and customise the the page structure ready for applying a custom presentation layer. The use of themes also means that when it’s time to upgrade, the chances are that I won’t need to make any changes for my theme to work with the new version of Wordpress.
Do As I Say…
I didn’t want a traditional blog delivered in a “straight out-of-the-box” fashion, instead I wanted to bend Wordpress to my needs. I needed two main categories, one for examples of my work and another for my notes, and I wanted to remove commenting on my notes until I have more content. Wordpress makes it easy to chop my content up and deliver it as I want.
Accessible design
Thanks to themes, I was able to bring the site up to scratch accessibility-wise. Intershizzle now boasts a PHP style sheet switcher (thanks Blair) for low-vision users, uses access keys to improve navigation and works well across a number of browsers. The site uses entirely valid XHTML and CSS and has been successfully tested against WCAG 1.0 and the American Section 508 Guidelines. For more information, check out my accessibility statement.

A sudden blast of summery weather made me decide that it was time for a brighter outlook, so goodbye to the cold contrast of the black background and hello to warm hues of green. The header and navigation remain the same for the sake of consistency.

So whilst there have been some changes to the look of the site, I think this work is definitely more of a realignment rather than a redesign.

Sunday, May 21st, 2006 - The site, Accessibility, Changes.