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CSS Reboot - After the Dust Settled

I thought I’d best do a write-up on the CSS Reboot - I know it seems like a while ago now, but I did the groundwork straight after the launch and have been rushed off my feet since then.

There seem to be a number of recurring themes that popped up amongst a number of entrants this year:

Gracefully degrading Flash titles are much in evidence with some sites having better implementations than others.
Heavy, heavy pages
Whilst most people who join in on the reboot are ahead of the connection curve, there seems to be a move away from the idea that pages should be quickly downloadable, even on 56k modems.
Prototype aplenty
Slide menus and animations a-go-go - I still haven’t decided where I stand on this issue yet.
1024 pixel-wide layouts
Whilst it makes sense for A List Apart, is it really time for this to become a new standard? Most of the offenders are design houses who should really be catering for the masses, not pandering to aesthetic whims.

Whilst blog gods Business Logs didn’t go down the 1024 pixel route, I am still wondering why they chose a layout that is about 30 pixels too big for 800×600 pixel monitors.

There were certainly a large number of high quality submissions and it seems only fair that I give some props…

Matt Brett has by far the best use of colour - I don’t recall anyone else rocking neon pink so effectively.

Remi Provost had a great jello-mold-like layout with nice lightweight markup. Although the max-width implementation doesn’t work in Internet Exploder, it wouldn’t adversely affect the experience for the majority of visitors.

Award for elegant simplicity goes to PixelEden, showing that you don’t have to be from the states to create great web.

Best masthead image would have gone to Ranting and raving without a doubt, except that it’s already been changed - bring back the shouting woolly toast (or whatever it actually was).

On the stiff upper lip front, best UK design has to go to Chris Williams for his effortlessly smooth liquid layout and smart-casual presentation.

Now that I’ve done being opinionated, all that remains is to thank Adam at Webjillion for putting on the whole event (and presumably acquiring a few new grey hairs on the process).

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 - CSS reboot, Reviews, Events.